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Kun Faya Kun Meaning In English With Lyrics – ( Full HQ )

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Presenting you kun faya kun lyrics meaning in english was sung by A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan from the movie Rockstar. Lyrics of this song was written by Irshaad Kamil.

What is the meaning of Kun Faya Kun?

The origin is from the arabic words “Kun” which means “to be” or “to exist” & “Faya Kun” means “it is”. So the literal translation of Kun Faya Kun is “Be ,and it is”.

What is special about Kun Faya Kun?

If you Google for the meaning of Kun Fayakun, you would somewhere find the words ‘Be! And it is’ and probably the detail that it’s from Arabic.

Well, the meaning, which is literal, has something to do with the creation of this world, as per the Holy Qur’an.

Kun Faya Kun Lyrics Meaning English

Song Kun Faya Kun
Singer A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan
Music A.R. Rahman
Lyrics Irshaad Kamil
Movie Rockstar

Kun Faya Kun Lyrics Meaning

Ya Nizamuddin Auliya
Ya Nizamuddin Salqa

Oh Ruler of the Saints
Oh Ruler of the crestfallen

Kadam Badhaa Le Hadon Ko Mitaa Le
Aaja Khaali Pan Mein Pee Ka Ghar Tera
Tere Bin Khaali Aaja Khali Pan Mein
Tere Bin Khaali Aaja Khali Pan Mein

Take a step forward
Destroy these distances
Come into this void
The home of your beloved
Without you there is emptiness
Come into this void


He who fills me with color

Kun Faya Kun…

[He said] Be, & it is!

Jab Kahin Pe Kuch Nahi
Bhi Nahi Tha
Wahi Tha Wahi Tha
Wahi Tha Wahi Tha

When, there was nothing
He was the one
The only one.

Woh Jo Mujh Mein Samaya
Woh Jo Tujh Mein Samaya
Maula Wahi Wahi Maaya

He is the one who is in my soul
He is the one in your soul
O dear Lord,
He is the one that is mystery

Kun Faya Kun, Kun Faya Kun

[He said] Be, & it is! Be, & it is!
The truth is Allah
The sublime the magnificent

Rangreza Rang Mera Tan Mera Mann
Le Le Rangaayi Chaahe Tan
Chaahe Mann

My painter, color my body my soul
Take away the colors
From the body, from the soul

Sajra Savera Mere Tan Barse
Kajra Andhera Teri Jalti Lau
Qatra Mila Jo Tere Dar Par Se
O Maula… Maula…

The Morning showers(blessings)
Rain on me
And it cleans up the dark soul of mine
Which is like darkness of night.
Its only for the drop of nourishment
That flows from yours
Oh Lord…

Kun Faya Kun,Kun Faya Kun

[He said] Be, & it is! Be, & it is!

Sadaqa Rasulu-hun nabi-yun-kareem
Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam

The truth is Allah
The sublime, the magnificent
The truth is his Apostle
May the blessing and peace be upon him

O Mujhpe Karam Sarkar Tera
Araz Tujhe, Karde Mujhe
Mujhse Hi Riha
Ab Mujhko Bhi Ho, Deedaar Mera
Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha
Mujhse Hi Rihaaaaaaaa

It would be your generosity upon me
Oh master
My request, Free me from myself
Even I should see myself
Make me free from myself
From myself…

Mann Ke Mere Ye Bharam
Kachche Mere Ye Karam
Leke Chale Hai Kahaan
Main Toh Jaanoon Hi Na

There is a mirage in my mind
For the weakness of my actions
Have got me where…
I am lost…

Tu Hai Mujhmein Samaya
Kahaan Leke Mujhe Aaya
Main Hoon Tujhmein Samaya
Tere Peeche Chala Aaya

You are in me
Where have you brought me
I have given myself to you
In your footsteps I follow

Tera Hi Main Ek Saaya
Tune Mujhko Banaya
Main Toh Jag Ko Na Bhaaya
Tune Gale Se Lagaya
Ab Tu Hi Hai Khudaya
Sach Tu Hi Hai Khudaya

I am your shadow
You have created me
I didn’t fit in the world
Yet you embraced me
Only you are the Just
Only you are the Truth…

Kun Faya Kun
Kun Faya Kun…

[He said] Be, & it is
Be, & it is!

Kun Faya Kun Official Video

This is the end of jab kahin pe kuch nahi tha lyrics so i hope you guys really like this song very much.

Kun Faya Kun Song FAQ

What is the meaning of Kun in Urdu?
Kun (كن) is an Arabic word for the act of manifesting, existing or being. In the Qur’an, Allah commands the universe to be “kun!”

Who wrote Kun Faya Kun Song?
This song was written by A. R. Rahman.

What is Kun faya kun meaning in hindi
The meaning of kun faya kun in hindi is “अल्लाह ताला जब किसी काम को करना चाहते हैं तो कह देतें हैं

Who sang the famous qawwali Kun Faya Kun in the movie Rockstar?
A.R Rahmaan sang the quwwali song Kun Faya Kun.