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Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics – ( Trending )

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Presenting Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics was both sung and written by Lil Shun the Goat, ZaeHD & CEO. This superhit song was presented by label – HighDef Gang.

Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics

Song Ricrock
Singer Lil Shun the Goat
Lyrics Lil Shun the Goat, ZaeHD & CEO
Label HighDef Gang

Mink Coat Just For The Winter Lyrics

(Ayy) Ayy
Huh , What? Ayy, ayy, ayy

This that rerock shit (Bitch)
Drop top with my lil’ rock bitch (Skrrt)
Gang shit, fuck yo’ click (Huh?)
Whip an opp, then whip a brick
Ayy (Huh?)

I was cruisin’ down ashin’ (Skrrt)
Bad bitch just want me to
Smash her (Smash her)
I don’t want her
I fucked her and passed her (I passed her)
Want smoke?
I’m givin’ them cancer, ayy

Want smoke? Give ’em the cancer
Dance on the dick
Dirty Diana (Diana)
Whip up the white
Bernie Sanders
She’s a slut
She don’t got no manners

She is a slut, she go for the team
(For the team)
I need the green
Green beans (Green bean)
Askin’ for coca, she a fiend
Suck on this dick
Vacuum clean (Ayy)

I need the money
Ching-ching (Ching)
Eyes look Asian
Ling-ling (Uh-yeah)
Plug keep callin’, ring-ring (Huh?)
I’m in the 6, bad tings (Okayy)

Let that choppa sing-sing (Fahh)
All of these diamonds
Bing-bing (Bing)
Bitch, I’m a hawk, Tony (Uhh)
Need a Tinder-roni (Okayy)

Ayy Zae! What we doin’ today? (Huh?)
Brand new rollie
I might flood the face (Face)
Stars in the Wraith look like
Outer space (Space)
My bitch got a bitch
I feel out of place (Yeah, yeah)

Mink coat
Just for the winter (Winter)
Big ass booty
I met her on Tinder (Tinder?)
Shine like a trophy
lil’ baby a winner (Huh?)
Eat up the dick while
She cookin’ me dinner (Yeah)

Eat up the dick
I don’t care if you tired (I don’t)
I want the bears, tigers
And lions (Roar)
I popped the percocet
I started flyin’ (I popped a perc)
Pulled on her hair, gettin’ deep,
Made her cry (Deep)

I need a snowboard for the winter
So I can just slide on
The opps and not shoot
Darren Fisher
We don’t ask for the price, nigga
This ain’t Fisher (We don’t)
This real diamonds, nigga
These ain’t crystals

These real diamonds (Diamonds)
Get hit with the heisman (heisman)
Get hit like a line man (Fahh)

She do what I say
She just like Simon (Ayy)
Ayy, V8 motor
20k diamond choker (Choker)
HighDef soldier
(Uhh) need the green like an ogre (An ogre)

Mink Coat Just For The Winter Video

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